Episode 18

Published on:

23rd Oct 2020

Snake Oil Salesman

I'll be honest, I find it quite unfortunate, that we have a political system that was created "for the people, by the people", yet sit back and watch the very people they represent suffer. The rich get richer, while the poor gets screwed. Yet, we are told, if we vote for these individuals, they will "fix" the problem within our country. We vote. They get elected. Nothing changes. Cycle repeats itself. Instead of finding viable solutions to the toxic relationship, we instead turn on each other. While turning on each other, we create echo chambers of think tanks whose sole purpose is to make money. We fight. They profit. All the while selling on the notion, that if we truly want change, we have to align with their ways of thinking, buy their books, buy their merchandise, because they only have the "solutions" to fix what's wrong with our society. You buy, their books, their merchandise and realize, there is no cure. Just a collection of word vomit and false ideologies. We get mad. They continue to profit. Cycle continues. The Snake Oil Salesman prevails again.

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