Episode 4

Published on:

5th Feb 2021

Money Can't (Can) Buy Happiness pt.1

I assume we've all heard the sayings, "Money can't buy happiness', "Money can't solve all your problems", "Money don't grow on trees", well apparently they do! And in fact, I think money does solve all our problems, it does buy happiness, and having it is so much better than not having it. Sure, we can make arguments that true happiness lies in the relationships and bonds we form in our lifetime, but let's be real, if we had a surplus of money, we'd be much happier! I'm tired of pretending that not having money isn't a problem. Look we just witnessed billionaire Hedge Fund tank a stock! We've watched in disgust, as congress "debate" giving us a stimulus check. We've watched companies, gain billions in the midst of a pandemic, while regular hard working folks get laid off their jobs. I'm over the lies. Money does in fact cure all. It's time we accept it.

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