Episode 19

Published on:

29th Oct 2020

Kanye's Dilemma

As you might've heard (or not) Kanye West made an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. I was totally ecstatic, cuz I'm a huge Kanye fan. Upon listening to the episode, it became very clear to me that something isn't right with Kanye. I've always took his ramblings as just someone who couldn't get his thoughts straight. After hearing the brotha speak? Nah, there's something definitely off about Mr. West. As I finished the episode, I started to ponder a bit about he's running for President, does it make sense for him to, and is he really a genius? We often loosely throw that word around, more often than not, as sarcasm. Made me think a bit, so I recorded that thought and now sharing it with you all. It's nothing bad. Just my humble thoughts on Kanye's mental health and state of mind. Enjoy!

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