Episode 22

Published on:

13th Nov 2020

Hypocrisy Pt.1: Trump Supporters

It is day one thousand, eleven hundred sumthing, from last Tuesday's election. The votes haven't been fully tallied, but it is clear that Joe Biden is President elect. The wise-guys (in this case, smart people)have called the election in favor of Joe Biden. Yet, I've seen a disturbingly large amount of Trump supporters claiming victory in this election. If not, they are claiming that the election is "rigged". It's getting to the point that, I don't know how to go about talking to these people. Trump derangement is a real thing and I'm honestly, quite concerned for a large portion of my friends. False narrative about the election results continue to be copied and pasted all over social media. At this point, it is a direct threat to our democracy. I try my best to vent about the issues I'm witnessing in this episode. Enjoy!

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