Episode 13

Published on:

25th Sep 2020

Fear And Anxiety

In today's episode, I talk about fear and how media uses fear to keep us in a perpetual state of anguish and anxiety. I also talk about a possible solution, is to simply turn off your TV or phone and go talk to your neighbors. You will find that life isn't all that bad and for the most part, people just want to be understood and feel as if they belong.

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Guys of the Round Table is a podcast that tries to speak on current events with a fair and objective point of view. Here we try to abstain from the "hot take" narrative that everyone goes after. We don't try to demean anyone or their beliefs. Here we try to understand the underlying issues of ideals and try to figure out a solution to them (if there is one). We will talk about anything from sports, politics, relationships, family, religion and a host of other topics. Bottom line, we try to keep an open line of communication to what is going on in the world around us. We are dedicated to learning and growing. Above all else, try to impart a little sanity in a crazy world.
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