Episode 10

Published on:

27th Aug 2020

(Don't) Shut Up And Dribble

Whenever there is a hot social issue that takes place, our athletes are at the forefront fighting that battle. Unfortunately, they almost always told, "shut up and dribble". Here's the thing, if our athletes aren't allowed to give voice to the voiceless, then who will? Because, let's be honest, the average black man, will almost always be silenced before he has a chance to say anything. The tragedy of Jacob Blake being shot 7x's in the back in Kenosha Wisconsin, shows very clearly, that there is a huge bias in how police officers handle black men vs. white men when they commit crimes (allegedly). I for one, am glad that Lebron James and various other athletes are using their platforms to give voice to those that truly and desperately needs it. I wish race problems weren't a thing, but the string of unfortunate shootings, leads me to believe otherwise. Athletes, please continue to use your platform to continue the fight for equality. This brotha, is very grateful!

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