Episode 1

Published on:

15th Jan 2021

1st Amendment vs Censorship

I this episode, I talk about the idea that the first amendment is under siege. I have come across a lot of conservatives (a good majority of which are my friends) talking about how the 1st amendment is under attack by big tech. I found this idea to be wrong and a gross exaggeration of simple censorship. I'm not for censorship, but to say that our 1st amendment rights are under attack is ridiculous. Another common talking point I've been hearing a lot among conservatives, is that they are being censored as well by big tech. Once again, I have to disagree. I'll admit that big tech does step out of line. Actually they're habitual line steppers, but they aren't censoring conservative thought. It's getting ridiculous to be honest. It seems that the group of people who like to call anyone who has a differing opinion a snowflake, are actually snowflakes.

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